The purpose of deck railing is safety. Here are a few signs you might want to take action when it comes to your deck railing.

Railing can vary greatly in appearance, and that’s a wonderful thing considering the endless options when designing an outdoor living space! However, there are certain safety measures we not only follow but expand on. A quick reminder, building code states any deck over thirty inches is required to have a railing and we would agree for resale and safety reasons alone.


 By code, the railing must be able to withstand 200lbs of force being pushed or pulled in any direction. The image above is both adding to the natural weak point of the structure and unnecessarily exposes additional seams, to the harsh elements.

Numerous issues can arise from this mistake and we touch on them in another blog post “when to salvage or rebuild a deck in Idaho.” At Lakeview, we block the rail post within the decking, limiting the damage that can be caused by the ever-changing elements in a four-season state like Idaho.