Custom built Pergolas

Custom built Pergolas

Custom built pergolas can be built by you or a professional you hire and provide a range of comfort and accent any outdoor space.

Additionally, a custom built Pergola can add beauty to your yard, as well as be a the outdoor living feature you have been waiting for. Moreover, with a proper layout we can  transform any area no matter the size!

The Pergolas built for our clients are sturdy, as well as, visually pleasing and available with multiple features.

Custom built Pergolas by Lakeview

An outdoor living structure you hire someone to build should be to code, uniquely important in the pacific northwest area. Also, if you’re looking for a professional to undertake such a task, look no further than Lakeview Decks.

All custom built pergolas designed by Lakeview Decks will stand up to the harsh elements, the curiosity of children and more. Additionally, A pergola can help you escape the heat or  be a casual place to tell stories in the winter. Ensure it’s done right the first time with Lakeview Decks.


Many of the materials we use are backed by their own guarantees and warranties which we will register you for!